Why I’m Running

What I Stand For

I love and care about Rancho Mirage. I want to protect the traditions and beauty of our city and neighborhoods. I am not an advocate for change without resident involvement and accurate data.  Through the work of past City Council members and the amazing staff our great city employs, we have built a reputation as being one of the most beautiful, tranquil and fiscally sound cities in Southern California. I will bring my experience as a business owner and my conservative judgment to the city.

I am a passionate, authentic, inclusive leader, and believe that I can add value and help the city by utilizing my strong problem-solving skills and collaborative approach in dealing with issues. My breadth of experience in communicating with and managing people, creating strategic plans, negotiating contracts, and budget planning will keep the city moving forward on a fiscally sound, transparent, and inclusive path.  The city is safe, solvent, and special.  My contribution will be to help keep it that way.

My Governance Objectives

I believe that Rancho Mirage is the true gem of the Greater Coachella Valley. My intention, once elected, is to maintain the beauty and tranquility of our neighborhoods while keeping them safe. I plan to build upon the great work that the previous council has done. I will work to protect and expand the amazing programs like Great Plates, grants for small businesses and charities, and the turf rebate program. I would strive to promote community engagement and improve the amazing amenities offered to Rancho Mirage residents like the amphitheater, the community parks, and of course our amazing library.

Why I’m Seeking To Represent The Residents Of Rancho Mirage

I’ve called the desert my second home for the past 38 years and have lived full time in Rancho Mirage since 2014. I’m running for city council because over the past few years, many of my community members have voiced concerns about how the city council makes them feel unheard, and unrepresented. I believe we need new approaches to local leadership that not only resonate with residents but also engages them. I want to create a city council that will honor diversity and be open to new ideas.

Recently the residents of Rancho Mirage have seen many hot button issues go before the City Council and often it is done so without community involvement. It is my belief that these issues should have gone before the resident to let them decide whether we should we change the fabric of our community. Once elected I would work to place controversial topics such as the location of In-N-Out, STR’s, Porcupine Creek, and any future changes to the CV-Link to be a vote of the people. Residents should elect council members to handle the day-to-day aspects of running a city, but as these issues arise it is imperative that they let the voice of the people speak.

What do you think could be improved About our current city council?


Currently the city council meetings tend to be a one-way dialogue. Residents are given 3 minutes to voice their concerns, and then the council members are given unlimited time to voice their opinions on the matter. We need a change! While these are great for public agenda items, residents deserve a back-and-forth conversation on their concerns. My goal is to give residents back their voice. They deserve an opportunity to be heard and respond to what council members state. Most importantly for topics of concern council members must be accessible outside of the chambers to discuss issues that are import to their constituents, just like our higher government representatives are required to do. I believe this process needs updating.


There is no way for a city to make every one of its residents happy with every decision they make. It is imperative that council members work with residents to include them and help them understand why they make the decisions they do and what data they have used in making these decisions. City council members must be held to a higher standard.


It is well known that California has a housing crisis, and the state will continue to create legislation that requires cities like Rancho Mirage to create affordable housing. I believe that we must work to predict state requirements and plan accordingly to make sure that we do not change the fabric of our community. If we don’t plan for the future, we will be forever stuck in the past.

Our city should be working with and incentivizing developers to build affordable homeownership keeping with the traditions and history of Rancho Mirage. We must also make sure new developments are not causing a drain on natural resources that are already stretched thin. An expansion of the turf program for preexisting homes can reduce our water consumption but we must make sure that new projects that are being built are not done to the determent of our current residents & homeowners associations who are being told they can’t water their own lawns. I also believe that developers must maintain the fabric of our community. When they build hotels or restaurants, they must make proper plans to make sure that patrons aren’t driving through residential neighborhoods to gain access to these facilities. City Council & City Planners must be prepared for these changes and must work with developers to protect our city. 


I’m improving communication from the get go, and am making myself accessible. If you’d like to set up a meeting with your community, neighbors, and friends to discuss any of my views, or to speak with me one on one on why I am asking for your vote, please email me at Info@ElectLouisaDavis.com to set up a meeting.

I hope to earn your vote and give you your voice back.

Let’s work together.

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